Escaping for a Trip of a Lifetime

Escaping for a Trip of a Lifetime

Beneath the miles of turquoise blue waters lie immense stretches of reef, thick with over 400 species of coral and even more species of fishlife. Caverns home large groupers and graceful sea fans, walls are strung with all manner of marine life, and Fiji’s abysmal depths are the stomping grounds of reef sharks, manta rays, dolphins, pilot whales and the occasional humpback. A diving adventure in Fiji weaves the magic of land, people and sea into a tapestry thick with meaning and memories. This is Fiji’s unique charm.

Fijians have been called the nicest people on earth. Hospitable and curious, the local Fijian people welcome visitors with bowls of kava, a heady yaquona root brew, that they ceremoniously share with their guests. Fiji is safe, the islands have no malaria or other dangerous tropical diseases. Their beaches and rain forests are lush but tame: no box jellyfish, no stinging plants, leeches, or deadly spiders and snakes.

When you come to Fiji, bring an open-mind to a culture and land that will inevitably make a memorable vacation in this truly magical place. Those who visit her shores are treated as an honored guest and friend, not just another tourist. Come and appreciate the Fijians’ gracious hospitality and return it with kindness and respect.

Long known as the ” Garden Island of Fiji “ because of its lushness of vegetation, Taveuni is an island that for many, epitomizes the South Pacific dream. Stunning white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, rugged cloud covered mountain ranges, dense tropical rainforests, unique flora and fauna, crystal clear streams, cascading waterfalls, and colorful fish filled reefs abound. Taveuni is a landmark for divers, famous for its soft coral covered walls, multitude of reef fish and large numbers of pelagics. Scuba diving in the Somosomo Strait is said to be “…unequaled anywhere else in the world”.

Beqa Island in southern Fiji is rich in tradition and culture and remains one of the last untouched islands of the South Pacific. Beqa ( pronounced Benga ) is home to the legendary firewalkers. The only resort on this mystical is Marlin Bay Resort, located on a beautiful white sand beach overlooking Beqa Lagoon. Fringed by palms and magnificent tropical foliage, exotic wild parrots and soft Pacific breezes, this setting is a perfect retreat from the stresses of contemporary life. Marlin Bay Resort has 12 opulent beachfront bures decorated with the perfect balance of Fijian elegance. With over 100 dive sites just a short 15 minute boat ride from the resort, it is not difficult to understand why the Beqa Lagoon is rated as one of the top dive destinations in the world today, rivaling some of

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