Payless Packaging Supply

Payless Packaging Supply

a discount distributor of shipping and packaging supplies.same day quality. self storage units annapolis.
after all is said & done the best price & service makes the difference!the most cost effective, quality packaging for your application.

films for wrapping pallets (stretch films)
hand wrap and machine wrap
e-z wrapper for stretch wrapping pallets by hand
sealing tape clear or tan
bubble wrap
foam wrap
static control products
anti-static tropical spray
anti-static foam
static shielding barrier bag
static shielding cushion bags
anti-static bubbles
caution labels
anti-static pink poly bags
conductive grid bags
tying twines
kraft paper
plastic furniture bags
zip-lock bags (anti-static)
plastic sheetings
plastic bags
food bags
stretch netting
special deals
• 16” stretch wrap 16.5 micron 4rolls/case 1500ft/roll $28.50/case
• 1/2” bubble wrap 250 ft/roll 48” master roll $58.50
• 2” clear sealing tape 110yds/roll 36rolls/case $32.50
• laytex gloves powder free 100gloves/box $4.26
• newspaper bags
if you have to ask how much, you’re our kind of customer.
call us for special code on your packaging needs.
free dilivery service in southern california area.same day!

payless packaging supply
all types of tapes. plastic tapes, paper tapes, box sealing tapes, pallet straping tapes,specialty tapes,masking tape, 2” and 3” clear sealing tape in 2mill thickness and many many more.
we also custom print tapes!

anti-static packaging
we specialize in esd packaging. we stock a diverse selection of packaging products and materials such as pink and clear anti-static
polyethylene bags,static shielding bags,moisture barrier flat & zipclose bags,square bottom covers & gusset bags and cushin pouches.
we stock emi shielding bags in variety of sizes.

anti-static zipper
3-layer static shielding, cushioning, anti-static poly bags, designed for providing the optimum esd protection to static sensitive devices.
all our anti-static products meets fed. mill spec.

stretch wrap
we offer both ”blown” and ” cast” films!our films provide: superb elongation,excellent load stability,impressive tensile strength, reliable cling simply the best film for the lowst price.
unlike many stretch film suppliers, we are not limited to one manufacturing procedure. we have the film will best suit your application.

air bubble roll cushioning
our bubble wrap provides the ultimate in protection from shock , vibration and obrasion with extreme light weight.we stock bubble wrap in 48” and 72” bundles with free perfration and free slit.
static free bubble wrap is in stock for immediate delivery.

we will match or beat any price!!!

payless packaging supply
foam loose fill
a lightweight material to fill in corners and keep products centered in cartons. we offer the regular and anti-static in 14 cub bags.
special price $10.50/bag , 10 bags or more

corrugated cartons
we stock over 5000 brown corrugated cartons and 2000 white cartons. all sizes are rsc200# test.
best price in pallet quantities.

tying twine
plastic twine (polypropylene sythetic twine),
sisal twine, cotton twine all avaliable in cartons/price/tube.
special: cotton twine 2 1/2 lb cone, in 6ply to 24 ply $7.20/cone

we carry over 20 different sizes in three colors (white,black,yellow) polypropylens strapping. core sizes 8”x8” core and 8”x9” core.
special 3/8” strapping 8”x8” core or 9”x8” core $38.50

foam roll cushioning
a low density polyethylene foam available in all sizes and thicknesses up to 72” wide. free perfration and free slit.also available in padded inner pouches, thick and thin foam pouches with flap and no flap.
best prices on anti-static foam and pouches.

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